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Watergrip Propellers

WATERGRIP is a stainless-steel propeller series offering accurate response to your operation. With efficient conversion of engine power into propulsion, this propeller series meets our customers’ demand for bigger, faster, more powerful outboards.

The WATERGRIP propeller series employ a new interchangeable & square shaped propeller bush that minimises power loss in delivery.

Watergrip Dual

Our new flagship series, the DF350A/325A, introduced the Suzuki Dual Prop System, an industry-leading technology that is truly a revolution in innovation.

Big engines demand more efficiency in conversion of engine output into propulsion. With two contra-rotating propellers operating simultaneously, the conversion efficiency and stable and direct manoeuvrability becomes greater.

The Suzuki Dual Prop System does exactly deliver other dimension of boating to the customers. The ULTIMATE experience on water.



dual propeller

Watergrip Sport

Suzuki’s wide variety of propeller line-up also provides fun on the water.

Inheriting the ease of maintenance and the power conversion efficiency of WATERGRIP STANDARD, WATERGRIP SPORT series employ high rake blade design, which delivers excellent acceleration and exceptional top speed.

In addition, it delivers remarkably stable thrust power to the water when turning, which results in superior manoeuvrability, excellent acceleration and exceptional top speed. 

We offer WATERGRIP SPORT as one of the best options for light weight sport boat user to experience the ULTIMATE boating.

sport propeller


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